Lily Owen

Well experienced as a freelance journalist and copywriter, my creative journey began alongside studying a BA (Hons) English Literature degree at the University of Leeds. From Staff Writer and Editor roles at a number of UK magazines, reviewing the arts on a year abroad in Australia, to now writing diverse copy for a number of businesses remotely all around the world, I have pursued a love of content creation wherever I go.

Freelance journalism and copywriting

I am a passionate and dedicated content creator with a profound understanding of how to effectively translate rather inaccessible information into engaging discussions for younger and disenfranchised audiences. Graduating from the University of Leeds with a 2:1 BA (Hons) English Literature (INT) degree in 2020, I have continued my creative work through pursuing opportunities as a freelance journalist and copywriter.

Leeds' Lippy Magazine started off my career as a writer at University, publishing a number of online and print articles throughout the course of my degree and advancing to become an Affairs and Opinions Editor in my final year. Graduating to publish with magazines, The Release, Only A Northern One, Beau Monde Traveler and Ski Luxe Magazine, I have reviewed television releases, four-star hotels, Michelin starred restaurants, brand products, as well as interviewed industry icons and promoted events.

I have also since entered the world of copywriting, working for Plum Guide, a luxury holiday homes website, on developing their property pages. From this to Sales and Marketing Assistant at The Edge, University of Leeds, I am literate in platforms such as WordPress, Slack and Sprout Social, publishing SEO compliant blogs and website pages. I also gained control of multiple social media accounts, shooting my own content to create posts and reels, as well as reporting on engagement. 

Learning from industry professionals and by playing around with different creative forms of writing, new audiences, and foreign genres, I have cultivated a truly diverse and imaginative style of my own. From a student audience to 30-60 something affluent travellers, I have adapted my tone of voice in a way that best captures the attention of the target market in question, whether that be from a personal perspective, or the more uniform voice of a business. 

Combining my love for travel with my other, for content creation, I have also experimented with digital and film photography and video editing on many adventures. Since living in Australia, I have travelled to New Zealand, Bali, Sri Lanka, India and Nepal, documenting my travels from behind the lens.  Complimenting my written communication, this experience puts me in a strong position to meet the modern demands for more visually stimulating, digital content. 

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