About Me

I am a passionate and dedicated writer with a profound understanding of how to effectively translate rather unaccessible information and news into engaging discussions for younger and disenfranchised audiences. Graduating from the University of Leeds with a 2:1 BA (Hons) English Literature (INT) degree in the summer of 2020, I have continued my creative work through  personal photography projects and pursuing opportunities as a freelance journalist.

Leeds' Lippy Magazine gave me a great start as a writer, publishing a number of online and print articles throughout the course of my degree and advancing to become an Affairs and Opinions section editor in my final year. I have taken this experience beyond my student bubble and into the professional world of writing for start-up and independent magazines, including The Release and Only A Northern One. With my focused area having been primarily political - covering election news, debating manifestos, voter registration reform, Brexit, female leadership, and a global pandemic - I have also explored the effects and impacts of pop culture, from literary and TV sensation 'Normal People', to reviewing an up-and-coming band's sophomore album, as well as an entry in the Sydney Persian Film Festival.

Living abroad in Sydney for a year as part of my degree program, I was able to expand my knowledge and journalistic skills through taking a course in 'Reviewing the Arts'. Learning from industry professionals and by playing around with different creative forms of writing, new audiences, and foreign genres, I have cultivated a truly diverse and imaginative style of my own. Hopefully, my portfolio speaks for itself.

Lily x


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